Wednesday Wanderings: Legos, Geek Books, Predicting Aging, and Dr. Who Companion Poll

I am constantly amazed by the things people build with Legos, probably because I can barely make a simple tower. Here’s a set of pictures of some cool stuff people have built with Lego blocks:

A list of 25 geek books you must read (according to Gear Fuse, anyway). How many have you read?

A blood test to predict aging? Maybe:

Finally, for the Dr. Who fans among us, CultBox did at poll on the best comapnion ever. Granted, the list of choices didn’t include all the companions from the beginning until now, but the results were a bit surprising, even to me. (Hey, I liked Tegan. And Adric. And I can’t stand Rose Tyler, so I may be an odd case.):

Oh, and those 25 geek books? I have read 13 of them. Does that make me half a geek?

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