Monday Storytime: Five and Daemon, Part Eleven

Part One (If you haven’t been reading along, you can start here)

Five and Daemon


M.A. Kropp

“Replaced your toy, have you? It didn’t do much good the last time.”

“I’ve learned a few tricks since then.”

The brimfire hurtled toward Johnny, who quickly spun the yo-yo in an elaborate Around-The-World pattern. The brimfire seemed to hit a wall in front of Johnny, and fell to the ground where it faded out. Lucifer growled deep in his throat. Johnny didn’t wait for a repeat performance. He turned and ran out through the back door of the house.

Fran and Cerise were waiting off the back porch near the woods bordering the small yard.

“Is he gone?” Fran was gripping Cerise’s shoulder with a white-knuckled hand. Johnny shook his head.

“Not yet. I needed to get him out here. And, here he comes!” The screen door on the house banged open. Lucifer strode out.

“Dear God!” Fran backed away from what appeared on the rear porch. No longer the suave, well-dressed host he’d been, Lucifer was now taller and broader, with long, pale hair that swung around his shoulders as he looked for them. When he stepped off the porch, a pair of coal black wings unfurled from his shoulders. His eyes glowed red and the color intensified as he found the three. He raised his arms and shrieked.

“Veniat ad me!” The sky darkened and thunder rolled across the yard.

“Johnny!” Cerise pointed to the top of the house. Scrambling over the roof and sides was the army of demons. But now, instead of small, benign-looking creatures, they also changed. Sharp fangs clicked against each other. Scythe-like claws scratched and tore at the roof and siding. Hisses and growls rose from thousands of throats.

“Stay behind me.” Johnny took a step forward. Fran and Cerise ducked back toward the trees. Johnny stood where he was, tossing the yo-yo out and catching it back in his hand. Lucifer took a few steps toward him and stopped.

“You cannot win, mortal.” His voice boomed over the yard like the thunder still rolling in the sky.  Johnny simply grinned and stopped the yo-yo, holding it in his hand again. He let it drop, and pulled the string up into the Rock-the-Baby trick. Lucifer laughed. It shook both buildings and caused the leaves to dance wildly on the trees.

“Uh, Johnny, not trying to tell you what to do, but this might be a good time to get that help you were talking about.” Cerise kept her eyes on Lucifer. Johnny nodded, and set the yo-yo wildly swinging in its triangular cradle.

“Time to come out and play.” Johnny threw the yo-yo out on its string. A flash of blinding lightning sparked from the toy into the sky, and a long, silvery sword with orange-red flames dancing along its length stuck in the ground in front of Lucifer. The demon staggered back a step, putting both hands in front of his face, as if the light was hurting his eyes.


“Sorry, but yes. Johnny’s eyes dropped to the sword. “Time to take him away.” The flames grew to a long, spiraling column that twisted faster and faster. It stopped suddenly. Standing with hands on the sword’s cross guard was a dark-haired figure, dressed in white with a gold sash and belt. Pure white wings unfurled above his shoulders. He pulled the sword out of the ground, oblivious to the flames still running along the length. He pointed the sword at Lucifer, who was backing up toward the house.

“Redite!” The newcomer’s  voice was quiet, but it rang with authority. Lucifer threw out his hands, unleashing a stream of brimfire. The new angel lifted the sword to meet it. The brimfire dissolved as it met the fiery blade. He advanced on Lucifer, who lifted his wings, attempting to escape. One stroke of the white wings brought the newcomer to Lucifer’s side. He touched the sword to Lucifer’s throat.

“Redite!” In a swirl of black smoke, Lucifer disappeared, leaving a rotten egg smell behind. The newcomer turned and simply stared at Johnny. Johnny held his gaze for a second, and gave a small nod of his head.  The newcomer smiled, very slightly. He shot upward in a flash of reverse lightning, accompanied by a sharp crack of thunder. Johnny looked up at the demons perched on the house. He waved his hands at them, and they began to back away, disappearing in small pops of light. Johnny turned back to Cerise and Fran. Fran was simply staring at the spot where the white-winged angel had been standing.

“Was that…?” Fran took a deep breath. “Was that Michael, the Archangel?”

Johnny grinned. “Well, he goes by different names, depending, but that’s how you would know him.” Fran’s mouth dropped open. Cerise looked up at her.

“How do you feel?”

“I- I don’t know. But I remember now. This place has been deserted for years.” They looked around. The house and shop were dilapidated, paint peeling, shutters falling off, the screen door hanging at an angle. “He really did all that? And made us think he was Lucy, and had been here for years? I can hardly believe it.”

“Believe it.” Cerise said. “He’s good. Which is what makes him so bad.” Fran opened her mouth to say something else, when a cry from Johnny made them both look. He was standing near where he’d confronted Lucifer, staring at the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Cerise asked.

“He just had to bust out like that, didn’t he?” Johnny pointed at the ground. Cerise and Fran looked where he was pointing. The yo-yo lay in pieces on the ground at his feet. Cerise looked at Fran, and they started laughing.

The End

(Copyright 2015 M.A. Kropp)

There it is- the final part of the story. Have you enjoyed reading along this past year? If so, I’d love to hear from you. And, if you know anyone who might enjoy it as well, please feel free to recommend it. And, don’t forget, next month it will be out in its entirety as a free e-book. So, if you are not one to read in bits and pieces, you will be able to get it then. Thank you for reading along. It’s been fun!

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