Wednesday Baking: Pao de Quejo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Gluten Free

Our youngest daughter is married to a Brazilian. Not only is he an exceptional handyman and can fix just about anything, we also have been introduced to these yummy, cheesy snacks. They are easy to make, only take a few ingredients (although most people probably will need to get some tapioca flour), and everyone loves them. … Continue reading Wednesday Baking: Pao de Quejo (Brazilian Cheese Bread) Gluten Free

Monday Musings: The Holidays Are Coming!

Indeed, they are! I have started decorating, and baking (as you know if you've been following my Wednesday posts). I have a bit more to do on both counts, but we've got a couple weeks, so all's good. We will be having our family celebration on December 28 this year. Usually, we try to do … Continue reading Monday Musings: The Holidays Are Coming!

Wednesday Baking: Foolproof Pan Pizza

Who doesn't love a good pan pizza? That thick, chewy crust, with its crisp outside and enough substance to hold up to plenty of toppings. A good thick crust pizza is almost fried on the bottom and has a distinctive chewy texture. This recipe, from the Serious Eats blog, gives exactly that result at home. The … Continue reading Wednesday Baking: Foolproof Pan Pizza

Baking Wednesday: Gluten Free Mexican Wedding Cakes

Our middle daughter was diagnosed this year as non-Celiac gluten intolerant. She doesn't live with us anymore, but she does come by for dinner sometimes, and is often here to watch football on Sundays. And she will be here for Thanksgiving and our Christmas family get-together. I don't plan to do all gluten free baking … Continue reading Baking Wednesday: Gluten Free Mexican Wedding Cakes

Monday Musings: I Guess It’s Really Winter

We had snow last week. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I live in New England, and it is November. Snow happens. It isn't like it was a full on Nor'easter blizzard. It was maybe six inches, and although it was wet, heavy stuff, the air temperatures stayed high enough that we didn't get any … Continue reading Monday Musings: I Guess It’s Really Winter

Monday Musings: Some Updates

There is just a bit over a  month to go on the presale for Two's Company.  It will release on December 18, and is available in ebook form at a discounted price until then. You can preorder it at Amazon, Smashwords (in any ebook format, including Kindle), Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo. … Continue reading Monday Musings: Some Updates

Wednesday Baking: Brownie Bites

Who doesn't love brownies? Chewy, chocolatey goodness. With or without nuts, they are a staple of baking. I don't bake brownies often, usually because a standard brownie recipe makes too much for just the two of us here. Not that I object to come chocolate love, but we try not to have sweets around too … Continue reading Wednesday Baking: Brownie Bites

Tuesday Thoughts: The Best Laid Plans

You've probably heard that saying: The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. And that's kind of what happened this weekend. Oh, not in a bad way. It was actually quite good, but things didn't go quite to according to plan. (Side note: For those of you who may not have picked … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts: The Best Laid Plans

Baking Wednesday: Monday Version

I know. I said I was going to do baking posts on Wednesday, but Wednesday is Halloween and that means this year's Halloween story should post on that day. So, I decided to flip things around a little. I think one should shake up the routine a bit now and again. Good for the soul. … Continue reading Baking Wednesday: Monday Version