I Don’t Have Much

To say, really. I had hoped things would settle down by now, but, nope. It's like some weird, never-ending disaster movie. Can we just roll credits, please? Or, no, wait. Let's just skip straight to THE END. On a more up note (if you are an American football fan): How about those Cleveland Browns? I … Continue reading I Don’t Have Much

How Do We Go Forward From Here?

I started writing a post about the election and its coming aftermath, but, you know what? I got discouraged and upset and borderline angry as I was doing so, and I realized something. That's been the problem for a long time in this country. We are a divided people. We sit around glaring at each … Continue reading How Do We Go Forward From Here?

And Just Like That, It’s November!

A few unrelated jumbles of thought for the beginning of a new month: Saturday was Halloween. Our town decided not to cancel trick-or-treating this year, but encouraged masks for everyone and the usual social distancing practices. We did have candy to hand out. Yes, I wore a mask- a proper one. Didn't get many kids … Continue reading And Just Like That, It’s November!