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I am a writer and blogger.

I write fantasy and urban fantasy, with the occasional foray into science fiction.  I have always loved myths and magic, fairy tales and folklore. I enjoy taking bits and pieces of folk tales and myths and braiding them together into a new idea. Sometimes, I bend the edges of the myth and push or pull it in a new direction. People are the linchpin of it all. I enjoy creating characters that come to life and may become friends (or enemies!) of yours. Most of all, I want to tell a good story that all readers can enjoy.

I have been accused of reading anything that passes in front of my eyes: old newspapers, cereal boxes, and, yes, even the instruction manuals that come with things. I am married, with three grown daughters and four grandchildren. I live in southern NY and when I am not writing, I enjoy being scorekeeper at International Chili Society sanctioned chili cook offs (I cooked competitively for years), growing vegetables, baking bread, and working with my dog. Most of all, I enjoy eating good food, drinking good wine and other spirits, and spending time with good people. I like puppies and kittens.

What do I blog about? My Monday posts are on a variety of topics- what’s going on in my world, writing updates. news, and the occasional rant or rave. Friday Review is just that. Usually a review of whatever book I have just read, but there may be the occasional movie, TV show, or other in there. Everything is my opinion alone, and does not reflect on anyone or anything else. You may or may not agree. That’s okay. I still like you. Probably.

I hope you enjoy reading!

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    1. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. It’s been a crazy couple weeks. Yes, I’m still interested in doing a promo for you. What would you rather- give me a blog post about it (or writing it or whatever you want to say), or do it in the form of an interview. I could write up a few questions for you to answer, and do an interview blog post.

      Let me know.


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