Free Stories

Here you will find links to stories that I have published, mostly as blog posts, here on the site. They are free to read and enjoy. If you like them, please feel free to comment and/or tell your friends to come and read. Please do not copy or publish any of these in any way or in any place, other than a short excerpt which you may use to publicize or comment on them. Thank you. And enjoy!

Academy in the Night: A short Halloween story about a school that isn’t quite what it seems. Published in 2015

Christmas Spirit: A Holiday Tale: Two detectives investigate a serial killer who strikes every year at Christmas, leaving behind a dead body and a cryptic note. Published in 2015

Danse Macabre: Bess accepts a new co-workers invitation to a Halloween party. But there’s something odd about their host, and when he invites her to dance, she’s unsure but accepts. She’s given an apple at the end of the night with instructions for when she gets home. And that’s when things get really weird. Published in 2016

Feed My PeopleA short dystopian story centering on the struggle to obtain and deliver food in the wake of severe climate change. Available for free download at Smashwords (click on the title to go to the page for downloading). Published in 2016

Boo Who: A small ghost tries to learn how to BOO! but he can only manage a Woo. When his friends tease him, he flies off into the woods where he meets an unexpected friend. A children’s Halloween story. Published in 2017

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