Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy

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“Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy” is a set of six short stories, set in varied worlds of magic and mayhem. Included are:

A Girl, An Elf, and a Shoe– A mischievous elf sends Charly on a strange scavenger hunt to locate a missing shoe.
With Pen In Hand– A wizardly writer creates his own audience
Impish– An apprentice sorcerer lets the imp out of the bag- or box
Where Angels Tread– What if Heaven and Hell are more like The Sopranos than Seraphim? A noir style story in two parts, where a vital piece of Heavenly equipment goes missing.
Siren Song– A young accountant has an encounter with a mermaid and her companion and must think quickly to save his father
Peepers– A young man visiting from the city finds the nighttime song of some tiny frogs irresistible

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What people are saying about “Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy“:

“Very enjoyable stories. Her characters come alive, her plots are convincing, her worlds clearly observed. Highly recommended.”

-Amazon 5-star Review

“Overall, this book is fun to read. I can see myself reading these stories to my children.”

-Amazon 4-star review

“The collection is a must for any one, who like me, wants to believe that around any corner we may expect the unexpected.”

-iTunes Books 4-star review

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