Snake’s Alive (Yo-Yo Files #2)


Things have been quiet. Maybe a little too quiet to suit Cerise. No demonic possessions, no otherworldly intrusions, nothing. It doesn’t bother Johnny. He can use the time to perfect some new yo-yo tricks. But, as these things go, neither the trick nor the quiet seem to work out well.

Because Lucifer shows up in Johnny’s living room, asking for help. Something is not right in the heavenly- and other- realms. Over a nice cup of tea, Lucifer reveals that two archangels have gone missing, and he is under suspicion. Claiming he had nothing to do with the disappearances, he asks Johnny and Cerise to help him find out what’s really going on. Because whatever it is, it can’t be good. Something is trying to tip the balance in favor of chaos, and wants to drag Lucifer into the middle. Johnny checks with a demonic informant he has used in the past, who is reluctant to tell him much, although he does leave them with a cryptic riddle. One that scares Lucifer even more. When Johnny takes Lucifer to do some research on the short list of clues they do have, Lucifer is devilnapped by a larger-than-life serpent. He manages to leave Johnny a clue before he vanishes. Johnny and Cerise are left to puzzle out the disappearances, and find the missing archangels. The clues lead them to a cave, a wolf, and the real Serpent who intends to unleash ultimate destruction and revenge on those who wronged it. Johnny and Cerise need to defeat the Serpent, and release the captive archangels. Oh, and stop what could mean the ultimate destruction of pretty much everything.

What people are saying about Snake’s Alive:

“The main characters – Cerise and Johnny – reminded me of the partnership between Mulder and Scully in the X-Files as they worked through this adventure (or misadventure)… You will meet several demonic creatures of lore within this novel during an age-old battle of good vs. evil, and sometimes that line gets blurred” -5 star review on Smashwords

Snake’s Alive, Yo-Yo Files #2, is an urban fantasy novelette with elements of the supernatural and humor. It is available from these e-book retailers:




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