Monday Musings: Wow! It’s September!

Where did the time go? It just doesn't seem like it should be Labor Day weekend already. We'll be seeing pumpkins and mums everywhere soon. "Two's Company" is just about done. I have a few chapters to review this week, but it is basically at the point where I am calling it final. Oh, I … Continue reading Monday Musings: Wow! It’s September!

Tuesday Thoughts: Welcoming a New Addition

It was a long weekend. Two days of chili cook offs in CT. Fun time, as always, but tiring, especially when it's back-to-backs. So, I took yesterday off from blogging my usual Monday post. And today's is going to be a quick one, since we are heading out to visit our newest grandchild (born yesterday) … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts: Welcoming a New Addition