The Demon’s in the Details: The Yo-Yo Files #3


When Cerise learns of her mother’s death, she decides that her father needs to know. Only problem is, Cerise’s father is a demon and doesn’t have a cell phone. She decides to attempt to summon him, the way Johnny does when he needs to speak to a demonic entity. She doesn’t tell Johnny what she’s planning. and he discovers her, unconscious, after her father was able to break the containment circle. Cerise says he didn’t care about her or her mother. He just wanted to escape.

They travel to the Pacific Northwest, where Cerise’s mother lived. It’s familiar territory for the demon so Johnny feels that’s where they have the best chance of tracking him down. They enlist the help of Quinnell, an older demon hunter, who raised Cerise after her mother couldn’t live with knowing her daughter was half-demon. Quinnell was also Johnny’s teacher, and had banished Cerise’s father originally.

As they hunt the demon, it becomes clear that he has taken a sudden interest in Cerise, and wants her to join him. When she refuses, he tries to force her to come with him. Johnny and Quinnell manage to break his hold, but they know he won’t stop. He wants something from her, and they know whatever it is, it won’t be good for Cerise. They track him into the mountains around Quinnell’s home. Daddy makes several attempts to capture Cerise, including sending some other demonic creatures after her. Add to all that a Bigfoot-hunting photographer and a tribe of indigenous creatures that have hidden in the forest for centuries, and things start to get complicated, especially when Daddy Demon does manage to kidnap his daughter. Johnny will need to teach his old yo-yo some new tricks to untangle Daddy Demon’s plot and rescue Cerise before the demon takes up permanent residence in our world.

The Demon’s in the Details: The Yo-Yo Files #3 is an urban fantasy novella, and is available from these e-book retailers:

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