Two’s Company

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Medusa “Deuce” Grainger is smart, confident, and as good a pilot as she is a poker player.  The daughter of General Patterson Grainger, she had a good future ahead of her in StarForce. Accused of murdering her roommate at the Academy, she cleared her name, but the incident left her with no love for the military life she thought she’d wanted, and a lot of anger toward her father. She left it all behind and is a freelance shuttle jockey working for an independent terraforming company.

Now, her AI has downloaded another Personality off a wrecked ship, and he’s acting oddly ever since. Someone wants to sabotage her friend’s company out of business, evidence of tampering is being corrupted, and people have died.  With an investigation looming that could shut down the company and cut off her main source of income, it’s up to Deuce to figure out what’s going on, and how all the pieces fit the puzzle. Along the way, she reconnects with an old friend and discovers someone is stalking her. Deuce will need to connect all the dots fast, because more lives are at stake than anyone suspects.

What people are saying about “Two’s Company”:

“If you’re looking for a good ol’ fast-moving space procedural with AI, space ships and a couple of fist fights, this is it.”

– from a 4 star review on Amazon

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