Wednesday Wanderings: Food, tornado, National Anthem fail, and more from around the ‘net

This weeks links are a varied lot, which sort of reflects what the Internet is, doesn’t it?

On the heels of a NY Times story (linked in the post) saying that salt may not be as bad as formerly thought, Michael Ruhlman wrote this blog post on the real eating disorder in America. No, it’s not in the diet; it’s in the brain. In case you are not familiar with Mr. Ruhlman, he is a food writer, sometime judge on Iron Chef: America, and has many good and sound things to say about food and cooking (and thinking) for yourself. He riles me up as much as he makes me nod in agreement, but he makes good points very often:

With the news full of the tornadoes in OK and elsewhere, here is some video from a stormchaser of one of the storms. Pretty freaky. (There is an ad at the beginning but it’s short. The best shots are toward the end of the video):

A Huffington Post article from someone who obviously (even if he didn’t say so) has never utilized a real library for anything. As Neil Gaiman said in his appearance in NH a couple of years ago: “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”

On to the somewhat less serious –

This restaurant in San Francisco, called Bacon, Bacon, received complaints and had to shut down because it- smelled too much like bacon? Huh? Okay, there are indications there may have been other issues- real violations, also- but the primary complaint was the smell of bacon. There is something wrong with the people of San Francisco if they don’t like the smell of bacon. Really:

And, last, the singer at a hockey game between teams from Halifax and Portland, Oregon, played in Canada, well and truly muffed the words to the Star Spangled Banner when she was singing it before the game. To be fair to her, she didn’t know she was going to sing both anthems (she was prepared with Oh, Canada. I hope.), but still… They couldn’t have Googled the lyrics for her? Or, maybe asked a librarian for them? *winky face*:

That’s what I found on the Web this week. Did you find anything interesting?