Friday Followup (It’s Wednesday!): with SciFi bars, Smart People Drink, and Japan’s Cat Island

I apologize for the lack of a Wednesday Wanderings post. We had no internet access for a couple days. A bit of a dust up, and it took far longer than it should have to get us back. So, here we are, a few days late but I’m posting this week’s internet findings today.

Some of the best science fiction themed bars around. I am so adding the Way Station in Brooklyn to my bucket list:

Okay, it’s a little light on numbers and proof, but I’m willing to believe:

There is a cat island in Japan, that has been home to a large colony of feral cats for years. The cats are taken care of by the fishermen who live there, and the tourists who visit. Now, it seems the cat population has outstripped the people. Sounds like a place I would like to live!:

With no internet glitches in the near future, posts should be back on schedule next week. We are out of town this weekend at a chili  cook off, and that is always a good time. I hope you have as good a weekend, whatever you are doing!