Wednesday Wanderings: 80’s Tech Ads, Book Cakes, Abandoned Places, and Moving Statues

The first link today is to some rather amusing (in retrospect) tech advertisements from the 1980’s. Some predicted the future well. Others are just- funny:

Next up are pictures of some book inspired cakes. There is some really nice work here. Amazing what can be done with cake, fondant, and frosting:

And now, some pictures of abandoned places. Some of these are so pretty. And probably much more so than when they were being used. There are some truly beautiful and haunting images here:

(Yes, I know the link says 33, but there are only 30. Typo?)

This one is creepy, despite the fact that there is a seemingly possible explanation. Weird? For sure. Supernatural? Well, I’d hedge my bets, if I worked there:

Those are my finds this week. Did you see anything interesting or weird on the ‘Net this week?