Friday Review: A Pirate Looks at Fifty by Jimmy Buffett

My rating: 4 stars

I’ve been a fan of Buffett’s music for a long time. Some of it is just pure fun, and others cut a bit closer to Life. I have tried to make Changes in Lattitudes, Changes in Attitudes an anthem for myself, and Trying to Reason With Huurricane Season is another I find inspiring. So I have wanted to read his autobiography for a long time.

The exoskeleton, if you will, of the book is the occasion of Buffett’s 50th birthday on Christmas Day, 1996. It is part autobiography, part travelogue, and all fascinating. The book is structured in parts, with multiple chapters in each. Some of the chapters are no more than a page or two in length. Buffett talks about his family, his early years, his wild days, and his present life, which he seems quite happy in. His has been a storied life, and you’ll find them all here- the good times with family and friends, the dark times of drug and alcohol abuse, and his struggles to make it in the music industry. He doesn’t gloss over the fact that his fame and popularity leave him with the money and connections to do whatever he wants to, but he does not flaunt it, either. It is simply the way it is.

The writing is simple and straightforward, and fun to read. There is more than a little humor, and some poignant moments, as well. And it is all narrated with a voice that is unmistakably Buffett’s.

If you are a fan of Buffett’s music, and want to know what makes this self-proclaimed pirate tick, or just want a fun read about one of today’s most successful musicians, give this one a try.

2 thoughts on “Friday Review: A Pirate Looks at Fifty by Jimmy Buffett

  1. First Buffett is the best. I have every album the man as made. Love his music. He also is a pretty good writer. His fiction books are quite entertaining as well as his “autobiography/travelouges”. And Landshark ale is the official beer of the Lady Crusader coaching staff.


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