Monday Musings: Garden’s End, Puppy Days, Italian Markets, and Football

It has gotten decidedly chilly lately. Not quite freezing yet, but the overnight temps have dropped into the thirties a few times. The tomato plants in the garden have pretty much given up, along with the cucumbers and squash. I have a few beans on the vines, and the carrots are still going. The peppers are hanging in there, but I do have to harvest what’s out there. And pot up and bring in the herbs I want to save. It is time to start cleaning up, and getting it all set for winter, I suppose. I keep putting it off, because once the garden is cleaned out and covered up, it means Summer is really over and, well, to borrow a catch phrase, Winter is coming. I also want to start some planning for next year.

On the puppy front, Lambeau will be one year old in just seventeen days! Wow. It’s hard to believe we’ve had him that long. Seems just a short time ago that we brought that wee pup home from the shelter. Then, I look at him, and see how big he’s gotten, and, yeah, it’s more believable. I keep trying to find new things to teach him, because he is smart and active, and he needs stuff to do to keep occupied. Right now, we are working on a few tricks. We continue to work and reinforce his calm, good dog behavior, also. His big area of need is still other dogs. He still feels that every dog he sees is fair game for playtime. He’s better, and sometimes is even really good, but that’s our biggest issue right now. Patience, persistence, patience, repitition, and more patience, right?

A new Italian market opened just up the road a bit. We stopped in on Saturday. Looks like they are still stocking a lot of the shelves, but they have some nice meat, fresh and cured sausages, olive oils, and other things. We picked up few things. The place used to be just another convenience store with the usual sandwiches and stuff. Nice to see something a little nicer move in.

I got involved in a Fantasy Football league this season. It’s a family thing, just for fun. And we started late, so it will be a short season. I usually didn’t much care about most of the games every week, unless it was Green Bay or Oakland. Now, I pay attention to a lot more, since my players are all over the league. I have no idea what I’m actually doing, but hopefully by next season, I’ll have some of it figured out!

I hope everyone is enjoying this season of pumpkins, hoodies, and boots!


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