Monday Musings: Computer Woes, Garden News. Autumn, and Thanksgiving Changes

I got a new computer a few months ago. My old laptop was just that- old. It was getting slow and cranky, and hadn’t been happy with a second monitor attached for a long, long time. I have gotten very used to working with two monitors, so it was not an ideal situation. I got a nice, shiny, new HP desktop system. Of course, along with all the fun, and bells and whistles of a new system comes the not-so-fun work of having to install all the programs, apps, and other bits and bobs that I use. I thought I’d gotten it all. Then, on Sunday, I was on the netbook in the living room, and wanted to work on a particular story. I have been putting a lot of the current, in-progress stuff on Google Drive just so that I can work on it wherever and whenever. Open Google Drive—- and that folder is not there! I go to my desktop, open the Google Drive folder, and there it is! What?? Took a bit of puzzling, but the BaldMan noticed that the Google Drive folder on my desktop did not have the Google Dirve icon on it. Yep, you have probably figured it out- I never installed Google Drive on the desktop! All those files I thought were being synced? Yeah, no. It is now installed, thank you. And the funny thing? All those files now show up everywhere! *headdesk* I can be an idiot sometimes.

We’ve had a run of nice, warm, a tad too humid weather lately, with some rain. The pepeprs in the garden are still doing fine, I picked a very few beans today, the carrots are thriving. I dug up and brought in oregano, thyme, and sage for indoor growing. I still have to bring in some chives. I should look at the parsley and see if any of that is worth saving, but I do have seeds, so I may just start new. The asparagus bed is just about ready to be cut back, mulched and covered for the season. I plan on expanding it next year.

Fall foliage is in full swing now, although I must say, it is not as vibrant as it has been in past years. The colors seem a bit dull. I have read it is due to the amount of early rain we had this year. Perhaps, but I like my trees to be bright and pretty in Autumn, not dull and meh. I would like to put in an order for good Autumn color next year, please.

This year, for the first time in a very long time, Thanksgiving will not be at our house. Nor will it be on Thanksgiving. Due to scheduling conflicts and whatnot, we will be celebrating our family meal on November 30. We will also be at Jill and John’s in MA. It will be weird not having everyone here, but I must admit to a bit of extra thankfulness for that. Since I am one of those crazy folk who participate in National Novel Writing Month in November, I will have the entire month to work on those 50,000 words. It will be an odd thing. I don’t plan on changing my approach to the month. I have planned in the past to hit the 50K by November 25, and that will still be the goal. I will just have a tiny bit more breathing room. I shall endeavor to stick to my plan, and still have a few days rest at the end of the month.

What is the foliage like where you are? Are you enjoying the crisp Autumn days? And how much pumpkin spice everything have you consumed? (Me? Hardly any.)


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