Monday Musings: Reaching The End, and Feeling a Bit Lost

A few years back, I wrote a story. Okay, that’s not all that unusual, as I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. And I guess it was a bit more than a “few years,” since I found a copy in my files dated 1998. It was a long short story- yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but just looking at word count, it was up in the upper limits for a short story. I had decided to do a bit of work on it, and possibly put it out as a novelette. I did the revisions, and sent it to a couple of readers. And they felt that there was enough there to make a full novel. I debated that one, and ultimately decided that I liked the story and the characters enough to give it a shot. I finished it the first draft last Wednesday. It was kind of a weird feeling.

Of course, I have finished things before. This was a little different, however. Most of the time, I have a few things in progress at any given time, and I will switch off between them. For the past five or six months, I have been working pretty much exclusively on this one thing. I have other things started, but I really concentrated on this one. As September and October arrived, I knew that National Novel Writing Month was looming on the horizon in November. I want to participate again this year. I have a story and a plan. So, I really wanted to get this draft done before November 1. I finished it with just about a week and half to go. A good thing. And a kind of weird thing.

It was a strange feeling. I didn’t do much the day after I typed “The End” on that story. My brain was just tired, even though I really didn’t change my writing schedule to finish this draft. I didn’t stay up all night to get done. I sure as heck didn’t get up extra early to work on it. My allergy to morning wouldn’t deal well with that! I think it was just that I’ve been so focused on this one story, and on finishing by my deadline, that I put every bit of creative energy I had into those last chapters. Oh, not that I don’t do that with everything, but for some reason, this time seemed different. I’m not sure why, but there it was. I guess I just needed to rest for a little bit. Rejuvenate, so to speak.

At any rate, the draft is done. It is being read, on a chapter by chapter basis, and I am taking notes on the questions and problems brought up. As of right now, I will get back to it in December, and work on revising based on the feedback I get.

What’s next? Well, NaNoWriMo, of course. I have a lot of the prep done for that story idea. I am not a discovery writer. I need a plan, and I’ve been working on that, a bit at a time over the last couple weeks. I do need to type up some notes in my workbook file, but I think I may wait until the end of the week to do that. Use them to get me anchored in the story so I can start it off in the right frame of mind. Until then, I have a few short stories to look at, and I may work on some things that are just for fun. We’ll see. You never know when a wild plot bunny will appear.


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