Monday Musings: O Chistmas Tree, Deck the Hall, and All That Seasonal Jazz

We went out on Saturday and got our tree. We had an artificial one for years, but in all honesty, it wasn’t all that much better than a real tree. I think the darned plastic thing shed more “needles” than any real tree we’ve had. And then, there is the annual Fight-To-Get-The-Thing-Out-Of-The-Attic fun. And the reverse, of coures, after the holidays. There is also the smell of a real tree. Mmmmmm. So, last year, we decided to go back to a live tree. I am glad we did.

We got our tree from Lawndale Farm in Tyngsborough, MA. This is the same place we got our CSA share from this past summer. Really nice family-owned place. They had a lot of really nice trees this past weekend, so if you are in the area and still need a tree, check them out!

It is sitting in the living room now, lights on, and nothing else. I plan on working on the garland and ornaments today. So far, the dog has not really bothered it. He sniffed at it a few times while it was out in the middle of the room, but that’s it. We’ll see what happens when the ornaments go on. No cats climbing it, either, so far this year. Had one or two underneath it, but that’s all. Either they are finally learning, or they are waiting until I let my guard down.

I also got the burned out lights on the deck replaced. Turned out, the one set I thought I could save was half out, also, so the all came down. I replaced them with white LED lights, hoping they will last a while. I have enough sets left that I should be able to do the front railings. The porch tree is already out there, and the candles in the windows, of course.

As for the rest of the decorations, I suppose I ought to start putting them up, also, huh? I guess I know my project for the week, don’t I?

It looks like we will actually be having Christmas dinner on Christmas Day this year. We weren’t sure about schedules, but it seems everyone will be available. That’s nice. I mean, we had a great Thanksgiving celebration after the official day, but it’s nice to have everyone together on the day itself, also.

It wouldn’t be a Monday Musings without one little rant, so here’s mine for this holiday season: I don’t care what you greet me with, and I don’t care what you think of what I greet you with. Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Seasons Greetings, whatever, it is all good with me. Because, to me, asking everyone in the world to respect and conform to your idea of the holidays, whether they agree with you or not, seems, at the least, rather selfish to me, and certainly not in the spirit of the season. So, get over it, and accept a real, heartfelt wish in whatever form it takes.

Last, as we all run up to the holiday, I know things start to get hectic. Shopping, decorating, writing and mailing cards, meal planning, travel- it seems to just get busier all the time. Don’t forget yourself in all the rush. If you are religious, take a moment to reflect and remember. If you are not, or if your religious beliefs run in a different vein, then just take those few moments to sit back and breathe. Without stressing over what you could be doing. Without guilt. Without anything. Just a couple minutes to unwind. Then dive right back into the whirlwind. You’ll be better for it.