Monday Musings: Football, Reading, and Writing (No ‘Rithmetic!)

As I type this, we are watching football. Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers. If there is anyone who doesn’t already know this, we are Packer fans here. Heck, we named the dog Lambeau! Green Bay is my sentimental team. My Dad was a Packer fan, and my memories of watching and learning about pro football are from Green Bay games on the TV on Sundays. The BaldMan lived in Milwaukee when he was young. So, of course, we are hoping for a Green Bay Super Bowl. Against whom? Hmm, that’s not as clear. New England would be interesting, given that we live here in New England. At any rate, this one could be a good game.

I have set my reading goal for the year. Since I did not complete it last year, I am not increasing it for this year. That means my goal is to read 25 books over the next, what? Eleven and half or so months. I know I can do that. I hit a few spots last year where I just didn’t make the time to read enough. I am going to make an effort to correct that this year. So, what am I reading now? Well, somehow, with the attention on football right now, it seemed appropriate to go with “The Starter” by Scott Sigler. It is the second in the Galactic Football League series. It’s good.

I’ve set up some writing goals for the first part of the year, anyway. I plan to finish the first revision on the Novel Expansion (I really need to figure out a title for this thing!) by the end of January. Then, I’ll be asking for a few people to read it through in its entirety. I’ve had a few very helpful readers along on a chapter by chapter read while I was drafting it, but I will want to see how it reads start to finish. I’ll also be looking for proofreading at that point. Then, February will be any revisions that need working on, a final run for editing, and the plan is to get it out into the wild in Spring. I think. So far. Don’t hold me to that, though.

Otherwise, I have a story to do for an anthology that isn’t due till later in the year, but I don’t want to wait till last minute to get to work on it. And there may be another anthology thing coming up, but I haven’t heard definitely on that yet. Then, for summer, I think it will be rewrites and revisions on the- hmmm, I guess I’d call it a paranormal fantasy novel. So, it looks to be a busy writing world for a few months, at least.

That’s what things look like from here. The New Year is starting off pretty well. I hope yours is, as well.


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