Monday Musings: An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Sir,

I think we get it: You are cold. You are wet. You are mighty and swift to punish. But, really, enough is enough. Oh, sure, I live in an area where Winter is expected to be cold and snowy, but this is getting just a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

I will freely admit that you are not my favorite of you four siblings. I much prefer Spring’s company. However, I have not fled you, nor do I completey shun you by leaving you behind to exist without me for your tenure every year. I expect snow. I expect cold. And wind and ice and less than stellar driving conditions. Just not all at once, and constantly over a three week period. You used to spread it around a little. A bit of snow here. A few days of cold there. But lately, you have gotten rather stubborn, almost as if you think we could possibly forget you unless you give us constant reminder. It is not necessary, and, frankly, it is becoming an annoyance.

I am putting you on notice. Stop stalking us! Back off and give us a break. If I must employ the services of an attorney to compose a cease-and-desist letter, I shall. If that is not sufficient, I may have to ask for a restraining order. You would not be happy with that, would you?

Please show that you have at least a small, as yet unfrozen corner of your heart, and calm down for a bit. We will all be the happier for that.

Nearly Everyone, Nearly Everywhere


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