Friday Review (TV): Aquarius

We started watching this (or at least I did) because, well, David Duchovny. I have to admit, I am having a hard time getting into it, and, unfortunately, he’s one of the reasons. I am finding I can’t relate to or really care about his character. Those of you who know me, know I am very character driven, and if I can’t find a character to get involved in, I’m less likely to enjoy the book, show, whatever. I am finding his Detective Hodiak rather flat and uninteresting. Even the Charles Manson character (played by Gethin Anthony) is a bit much. I know Manson was a psycho, but this seems just enough over the top to be unbelievable. And Manson’s girls? Yikes! I know he had them all brainwashed and hypnotized by his charisma and all that, but they all seem to have completely misplaced their brains and personalities. I can’t even tell them apart.

The late ’60’s setting is done well, and looks period without being dated. Supporting cast is okay, but no one is spectacular.

I know it is only a few episodes in, and many shows start slow and pick up. I can only hope this is one.

(The image is from the IMDB page for “Aquarius.”)


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