Too Much Peace of Mind (Meg Brown Mysteries #2) by Joshua L. Cejka

Too Much Peace of Mind
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second in the Meg Brown Mysteries series of shorts. Like the first, it is an entertaining, quick read. Meg is a homicide detective with the Minneapolis Police Department. In this installment, she finds herself on a plane to Phoenix to help with a homicide involving a frozen cucumber. Meg hates to fly, and the comfort of a whiskey sour would be most appreciated. But the flight attendant seems to be more interested in the well-dressed businessman a few rows away. The woman across the aisle from Meg is fascinated by the crime scene photos Meg is looking over. And a passenger in first class may have been murdered in flight. Don’t worry, Meg Brown is on the case, and her Sherlock Holmes-like observational and deductive skills will sort them all out.

The story is nicely done, and moves quickly from start to finish. Meg is a great character, and her obvious delight in using her ability to see details most people miss and to put them together quickly as much to discomfit others as to solve crimes is both a bit twisted and amusing. Yes, it’s short. Yes, it reads through quickly. Even so, it is time well spent, and well worth the price.

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