Wednesday Wanderings: If the US Declared War on Itself, Loki Argues with Kids, Avengers in Their Spare Time, and EM Drive Possible?

This is kind of long, and detailed, but I thought it was fascinating, especially for a writer. If you want to write an apocalyptic final days set in the US, this might come in handy:

If the US Declared War on Itself

Even Loki should know better:

Loki Argues with Kids

Some are better than others, as usual, but here are 48 things the Avengers do in their spare time:

Avengers Spare Time

So, that “impossible” EM drive? It may not be all that impossible after all. (Mars, here we come?):

EM Drive

(Picture: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), J. Bell (Cornell University), and M. Wolff (Space Science Institute, Boulder))


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