Wednesday Wanderings: Weird Star Wars Merch, Movie Mash-up, Star Wars Ep. VII Comic Con Footage, and 15 Best Space Ships

We all know tie-in merchandise is a big money maker for many franchises. And no one does it better than Star Wars, as these decidedly weird tie-ins demonstrate (that 3PO tape dispenser is just- wrong):

Weird Star Wars Merch

This is one very well done mash-up video. It is practically flawless in the edits, and puts all of these different characters and movies together into one scene that actually works. (It’s a bit long, but worth the time):

Movie Mash-Up

If you aren’t already excited for Star Wars Episode VII, this Comic Con footage should help:

Star Wars Episode VII

Lists like this are subjective, of course, and while I agree with most of them, there were a few obvious ships left out. What do you think?:

15 Best Sci-fi Space Ships


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