Wednesday Wanderings: Water on Mars, Grimm(er) Fairy Tales, How to Tell if a TV Show Might be Good, and Star Wars: Special Editions

The big news from NASA this week was the discovery of flowing salt water on Mars:

Waters of Mars

We all know that the original Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales were not the cleaned-up versions we read to our children. But here are some facts about the stories I didn’t know before:

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

With the staggering amount of new shows being premiered on TV, network and otherwise, these days, here are nine clues that might help you decide if that new show is going to be worth investing your time in:

Nine New Show Clues

There is much debate among Star Wars fans about the Special Editions. Yes? No? Better? Ruined a good thing? But here is one person’s opinion on six things that did improve in the Special Editions:

Six Improvements to Star Wars Special Editions

(Photo from

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