Wednesday Wanderings: Best of Photo of the Day September, Shower Thoughts, Redesigned NFL Helmets, and Apples!

I’ve linked to some of National Geographic’s Photos of the Day before. Here’s a look at the best of those from September (Warning: Baby fox cuteness!):

September’s Best Photos

Y’know how everyone says they have their best thoughts in the shower? Well, here’s twenty that prove this to be true (Numbers 5 and 20 were my faves):

20 Profound Shower Thoughts

With football season on us, and the inevitable redesign of some team uniforms (have you seen the 49ers? Yow!), here is one artist’s concept for redesigns of all 32 team helmets, plus one for the long-gone Oilers. Some are pretty cool. Others, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t lose any of the Seahawks if the lights went out during a night game!

Redesigned NFL Helmets

It’s Fall, and that means apples. Here is a list of (probably) every apple variety that exists. Who knew there were that many kinds of apples?

Apple Varieties

(Photo from


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