Wednesday Wanderings: Oldest Welsh Myth Book Under UV Light, Purifying Plants, Ancient Israeli Artifacts, and MRI of Sting’s Brain

Ultraviolet light reveals text and markings in the oldest Welsh language book that has been found. It may contain new stories or poems about Arthur and Merlin:

Black Book of Camarthen

We’ve known for a while that plants can help purify the air in our homes. Here’s a list of some and the toxins they can help filter out:

Air Purifying Plants

A worker for an Israeli electric company found a treasure trove of antiquities while on the job. His family is turning them over to the state. Among them are a hand grenade from the Crusades era (The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, perhaps?):

Antiquities from the Mediterranean Sea


A fMRI of Sting’s brain revealed some interesting things about how the brain classifies music:

MRI of Sting’s brain

(Image from
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