Wednesday Wanderings: Satisfying Video(?), Avengers/Full House Mash Up, Scotch Flavor Profiles, and Full Moon Photo

This video has been called the most satisfying in the world. I’m not sure about that, but it is pretty fascinating:

Satisfying Video

Okay, this is too good not to share. The Avengers/Full House mash-up. I agree with the writer- I would so watch this show. Oh, Cut. It. Out.:

Avengers/Full House

Confused by the number of single malt Scotches on your local liquor store shelves? Want to know a little about how that bottle might taste before you buy? Here is a graphic that puts 84 Scotches into 12 flavor profiles to help you out:

Scotch Flavor Profiles

And just because we are coming up on a full moon, here’s a lovely picture of our Earth’s satellite, taken during September’s full moon:


(Photo from

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