Wednesday Wanderings: Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica, All the Times Doctor Who was Ruined Forever, Knee Surgery, and Space Sings

An iceberg broke off the Antarctic ice shelf last week, and while this particular iceberg is not a huge threat, it is giving scientists a good look at what the potential for future breaks with more impact might mean:

Larsen C

With all the brouhaha over the new Doctor being a woman, it might be time to revisit this list of all the times Doctor Who has been utterly and completely ruined over it’s long history:

Doctor Who Dies

(And for the record, I am thrilled that Jodi Whittaker is going to be the Doctor. I think it was a terrific decision to make the Doctor a woman.)

When I had my meniscus tear fixed, the torn edges were debrided.  Now, it seems this may not be the best way to go:

Knee Surgery

We all think of space as silent, and, if you are just listening with your ears, it is. But with the right equipment, space sings and hisses:

Space Sounds

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings: Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica, All the Times Doctor Who was Ruined Forever, Knee Surgery, and Space Sings

  1. I’ve been a fan of the doctor for nearly his entire lives. He was only 10 years old on tele when I first saw and heard the magic. We had a falling away after Tom and Colin. My suspension of disbelief waned through cynical late teen years, as did the quality of the writing. But then, after the hiatus, he was only #10 when my dear teen children “discovered” the show, knew I would love it, and had to share it with me. That was a good laugh. I caught up, binging I guess, and have enjoyed the available episodes, including Malcolm Tucker….I mean Peter Capaldi… whom I thoroughly enjoy in the role. This despite Capaldi making himself out as some kind of 6th Beatle. So much depends on the writing not sucking, so here’s hope they can do better with her than several others who, IMHO, contributed to the decline of the show after Tom. These things being said, I loved the list, and either agreed, or agreed and laughed at quite a few. The series has had its’ share of ups and downs, even recently, but I still like it.


    1. My first experience with the Doctor was Jon Pertwee. I have also found something to enjoy in all of the regenerations, though I will admit to tiring of Tom Baker rather quickly. That may be a factor in Peter Davison being my favorite of them all, with Tenant a close second. I did love Capaldi, though. Anything that lasts as long as Doctor Who is going to have ups and downs, and when the fandom is as large and diverse as the Doctor’s, there are always going to be those who don’t or do like this or that. I have hope that they can do justice to a female Doctor, while keeping the essence of the character. Time will tell, as always, wibbly-wobbly as it may be. I did enjoy the list, which just highlights the diversity of opinion among we fans. Looking forward to Christmas and the next series.

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