Friday Review: (TV) New Fall Shows We’ve Watched

As usual with the new Fall TV season, we added some of the new shows to our “try it and see” list. They were picked mainly by the previews that were shown leading up to the premieres, and by online chatter. Also as usual, some have been hits and some have been misses. Others are in the maybe category still. We have a limited amount of time we want to spend watching TV, so we have to cull some every year.

I’m going to run down the ones we’ve watched so far, but understand, this is personal opinion only, and if you love one that I don’t, no problem. No one likes everything, and if I don’t like something you do, or the reverse, it doesn’t mean either of us is wrong. Hey, it’s TV- entertainment, not a life or death decision.

Okay, here goes (in no particular order)-

The Orville: We like this. It’s certainly got huge nods to Star Trek in there, as well as some other iconic sci-fi worlds. It’s not the most original sci-fi series ever, but it is entertaining, and has some interesting aliens, especially the artificial life form, Isaac. Seth McFarlane is a bit stiff at times, but if you look at him through your James Kirk glasses, he sort of works. And it’s nice to see Adrienne Palicki again. This one is, so far, a keeper.

Star Trek: Discovery: *sigh* I am so on the fence on this one. It’s got an interesting premise, some rather good characters, and it’s darn pretty. And that may be part of the problem: it’s too pretty. I mean, I understand it is mainly because of the vast improvements in CGI and other fancy film effects, but for a show that is supposed to be 100 years before ST:TOS, it just looks too futuristic in comparison. That’s not fair, I know, but there it is. Despite that, they keep pulling me in with the story, so for now, this is a maybe.

Will and Grace: Oh, honey, I can’t tell you how much I wanted this to be good. I loved the original series, and was elated when I heard they were making a new one. But. But- it is eleven years later, everyone has gotten older (me, included), and I guess I was hoping for a bit more grown-up humor rather than the frat boy type stuff that was so prevalent in the original. And that hasn’t happened. I have only watched one episode, but it looks like the same jokes warmed over. There were some gems in there, yes, but overall, it was kind of disappointing. I will stick with a few more episodes but this is a definite maybe.

The Brave: Not a bad  one here. Lots of action and tension, decent characters, reasonable (for TV) stories. More undercover and intelligence oriented that the now-defunct Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders. One drawback for me is Anne Heche. I have never liked her voice for some reason, but that’s minor. It’s a keeper for now.

Navy Seals: Not too dissimilar to the above, but not nearly as good. It just hasn’t been clicking. I really, really do not like David Boreanaz, so that doesn’t help it’s case. It’s a no.

Ten Days in the Valley: Another no. Just not very interesting to me. Too soap opera-like and that just doesn’t appeal.

Wisdom of the Crowd: Kind of like the now cancelled APB. This one is less techy, with less “ooh-ahh” gadgets and computer finagling. I like the premise better on this one- more personal and less bored rich guy needs new toys. Still, I’d like to see them explore the possible problems with letting untrained people think they can catch the bad guy. That whole idea has some really scary sides to it, and I think it needs looking at.

Anything here you agree with? Don’t agree with? Something else you’ve checked out and liked/disliked?


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