Friday (Movie) Review: Avengers: Infinity War

We finally got to see it this week. I will try to make this as spoiler free as I can, but if you haven’t seen it yet, and have managed to avoid knowing even the broad strokes that everyone knew before it opened (like if you have avoided watching the trailers, etc.), stop here. I promise, no big spoilers, but you know, just in case. The review begins after the photo so you can duck out.


So, let me get this out first. It was heartbreaking. You know how you see those memes before a TV series finale or a movie that say: Spoiler: Everybody Dies! And you laugh? Yeah, don’t laugh. The tears started in the first few minutes, and got worse from there.

Okay, done with that. Now, you are asking How was it? It was good. Oh, sure, not perfect, but I can’t think of anything that is. Some of the criticisms I have seen since seeing it on Monday are earned, and some I scratched my head at. There are plenty of pro and con reviews and dissections out there, if you want to go look.

I enjoyed it. My first criteria for whether I thought a movie was good is if I could watch it without being pulled out of the story by the “Huh?” moments. If those occur after, that’s fine. I want to be entertained while watching without being bothered by the questions that always surface after. And I most certainly was entertained. With almost a three hour running time, I found myself thinking at the end “It’s over already” rather than checking my watch to see how close to the end it was. (Which I have done at movies in the past.)

It was a Marvel movie. Lots of action, lots of one-liners, lots of references and nods to past MCU stuff. A lot of intense moments, both action-oriented and more personal. It was, perhaps, grittier than some of the previous movies, and at least for this half of the story, less hopeful. I honestly have no idea how our heroes are going to save the day here, but I am sure they will. Right? They will. Of course. I hope.

Favorite moments: Thor, being his oh-so-literal self teaming up with Rocket and Groot. Star Lord and Iron Man (you can imagine that one, I am sure). The battle in Wakanda- wow! And the extra at the end. Hope? Hint? Teaser? All three, most likely. And also tinted with the “Oh, no!” that colored the rest of the film.

All in all, another great job, MCU! Keep ’em coming!


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