Friday Review: Let’s Look at NaNoWriMo, Shall We?

It’s the end of the year- well, almost. I have finished and overshot my reading goal for this year, so I have slowed down on that a bit, and am catching up on some things I’ve needed to, so book reviews are going to be a bit sparse from now until next year.

What I thought I’d do this week is just a quick review of how my NaNoWriMo is going this month. For those unfamiliar, that is National Novel Writing Month, when a whole bunch of folk get together through an online site ( and write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days. Now, 50K is a bit short for a novel these days, unless you are writing maybe a middle grade book. Some light mystery genres can run that short, also. But for those of us who do scifi and fantasy, 50K is pretty light. But what it gets you is the bones of the story- a beginning, middle, and, hopefully, end that you can flesh out and build on in revision. It also helps you establish the habit of writing every day, which we all tend to lose at times, I think. It’s not for everyone, and if your preferred method doesn’t fit with NaNo, it’s fine. It’s not some sort of magic wand or guarantee. It’s another tool. Use it if it fits; set it aside if it doesn’t.

That said, I like doing NaNo. As I stated above, it helps me get the bones of the story in place. And that is something I can have trouble with. I can tend to get bogged down in tweaking, and trying to make everything perfect from the start (impossible task with a first draft!), and then I never make any headway. Even though I am more of a planner, and need an idea of what the story is going to be before I start, I get tangled up in the details, rather than concentrating on the story itself. So, with the need to get a set number of words in every day, it forces me to keep moving forward.

Okay, so how’s it going this year? For a few days, I didn’t think I was going to come even close. I am doing what we in the NaNo world call being a Rebel- I am not starting from  word 0. I am working on a story I started last year, and didn’t get very far on. I had a vague idea about some sort of conspiracy plot, but that bogged down pretty quickly and I kind of gave up. I had an inspiration a few months ago on how to change things so that the plot works much better, so I decided to work from that this year. But, it meant going slowly through what I’d already written to change things to the new idea. A couple sentences here, a paragraph there, but I was editing out almost as much as I was adding. Add to that the mother of all colds that I came down with which shut down my brain for a few days, and I was pretty far behind. But, this past week, I managed to knuckle down and just write. Far more than I usually like to write in one day, just because the poor brain gets overworked, but things were moving along, so I went with it.

How did I do? Well, the total is sitting at 41,435 right now, which is a bit over the projected count on the NaNo site as of Friday, and still just a smidge behind my projected goal. I always try for 2000 words a day, which is my usual goal even outside NaNo. The NaNo goal is 1667 words a day. And that means I am pretty much caught up and I feel confident I can make the 50K by the end of the month.

Of course, even getting that done means the work has just begun. I already have a few notes on things I need to work out later, and I know a lot of it is messy and loose. But that’s what revisions are for- to take that skeleton and add muscle, organs, and flesh so it becomes a complete entity. At least, it is getting together now. And that makes this a successful NaNoWriMo, even if I don’t make that magic 50K.


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