Friday Review: Wiped Out: Murder is a Beach (Beach Bound #1) by Tamara Woods

Wiped Out: Murder is a Beach (Beach Bound Book Cozy Mystery 1)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fraya moved to Hawaii to leave the drama of her mainland life behind. Now, she lives on the beach, writes novels, brainstorms with her writer group, and hangs out with her new bestie. And then a championship surfer is murdered on Fraya’s beach, and her life in paradise gets turned upside down in the world of competitive surfing, promoters, money, and a possible romance.

This was a cute, quick reading cozy mystery. The author lives in Hawaii, so the setting feels authentic with nice local touches that make it realistic. Characters are perhaps a bit light but fit the cozy genre well. There are touches of humor throughout that keep the tone from getting too heavy. The mystery is decently plotted with several believable suspects. There is some romance, but it is not a focus.

There were some issues with the e-book, however. It could have used at least one more editing pass. There were sentence problems, extra words, and other errors that could have been easily caught and corrected if the book had been edited before publishing. There were a few times when the mixed-up sentences seemed to be the result of a revision where words were left in- or cut out- that should have been edited. At times, it had me pulled out of the story to sort things out.

All in all, this was a decent read. It’s one that could be read in a few hours. The plot was good, and characters engaging. The only downside was the number of errors in the text.

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