Friday Review: Wings of Fury (Wings of Fury #1) by Emily R. King

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Althea and her sisters were left alone when Cronos, titan king of the gods, takes their mother to serve him. Althea promised to protect and care for her sisters, no matter what. But Althea has been marked by one of Cronos’ generals as his- and he means to have her now. She escapes with her sisters, but now, Cronos is going to take her sister Cleora to the same fate as their mother. When Althea learns that there is a Boy God, a son of Cronos, who still lives in hiding, she sets out to find him and convince him to join her in overthrowing the titan king once and for all.

This is an interesting take on the usual Greek mythology story. Most of the time, the stories begin after Zeus has overthrown Cronos and taken over Mount Olympus. This YA story uses the mythology before Zeus’ reign as its basis, and it makes this retelling of some of the Greek legends different.

It’s not a bad book. It’s not a great one, either, but it is readable and enjoyable. The world is a blend of the lands of the gods and men, and the boundaries here are less defined than in most of the mythology you read. Gods walk among men openly, and women are treated, in most part, as property and things to be used for service. Althea is tough and resourceful, and although she has her moments of doubt and fear, her love and desire to protect (and ultimately rescue Cleora) is unwavering. Her character is woven and played out fairly well. Unfortunately, that means many of the other characters suffer from being backgrounded and less developed, even some of the more main players. The plot is fairly simple- find the One (in this case, the Boy God) who is destined to be the one to free the world from the domination of the Bad Guy and convince him of his destiny. It plays out somewhat predictably, but there are a few little twists that make it better. The story doesn’t follow Greek mythology slavishly, so those who don’t appreciate a bit of artistic license in this sort of thing might not be happy.

In the end, it was not the best retelling of Greek myths I have read, but it was a decently entertaining story.

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