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I am a writer and blogger. I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, and am fascinated by mythologies of all types. I have been accused of reading anything that passes in front of my eyes: old newspapers, cereal boxes, and, yes, even the instruction manuals that come with things. I am married, with three grown daughters and four grandchildren. I live in MA and when I am not writing, I enjoy being scorekeeper at International Chili Society sanctioned chili cook offs (I cooked competitively for years), growing vegetables, baking bread, and working with my dog. Most of all, I enjoy eating good food, drinking good wine and other spirits, and spending time with good people. I like puppies and kittens.

What do I blog about? Monday Musings is a little bit of everything: what’s going on in my world, what I’m writing, basically anything I want to talk about. Wednesday on Writing is me talking about writing: the craft, my process, things that might help others. All of it is my opinion and my take on the different aspects of writing. Friday Review is just that. Usually a review of whatever book I have just read, but there may be the occasional movie, TV show, or other in there.

I try to get all three of those posts out every week, but sometimes, life just gets in the way. I hope you enjoy reading!

9 thoughts on “About

    1. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. It’s been a crazy couple weeks. Yes, I’m still interested in doing a promo for you. What would you rather- give me a blog post about it (or writing it or whatever you want to say), or do it in the form of an interview. I could write up a few questions for you to answer, and do an interview blog post.

      Let me know.


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