Monday Musings: Author Interview: Casia Shreyer

This week, I am posting an interview with Casia Shreyer, a Canadian author whose book, Nothing Everything Nothing, has just come out. The book deals with the sensitive subject of teen suicide. I'll put links and other information after the interview. Here's the book's blurb: No one in Molly‚Äôs life expected her to pose for … Continue reading Monday Musings: Author Interview: Casia Shreyer

Wednesday Wanderings: Americans Label Map of Canada, Demon Kitty, and Simon’s Cat

We've seen what happens when Canadians try to label a map of the US. Now, let's return the favor: Okay, so he didn't actually break Japan's internet, but this is one demonic looking kitty: If you are a cat lover, and do not know about Simon's Cat, you can thank me later: