Wednesday Wanderings: Around the Web

Another late post, but I did get to bring the BaldMan home from the hospital today. Partial knee replacement went well, and he is getting around a bit on crutches. So this is a short one with just a few things I found interesting from the last week:

A short list of some really good independent bookstores around the country:

More of the crap our big food companies are doing to keep America unhealthy:

15 things to let go of to be happy:

And, yes, some are easier said than done, and some seem overly simplistic, but if you start with these, as much as you can, it won’t hurt your overall well-being. I do some of them reasonably well, and others I struggle with, but I know that when I let these negative habits creep in, I feel worse. New Age mumbo jumbo? Maybe. Can’t hurt to try, right?

And that’s it for today. Things should settle in the next few days. I hope.