Tuesday Thoughts

Yeah,  it’s a day late, so Monday  Musings turned into Tuesday Thoughts. Yesterday was still a recovery day from the weekend. It takes longer to recover from one busy day now that I’m Just Older.

What happened over the weekend? We went to the New England Regional Chili Cook Off in Somerrs, CT. We don’t cook this one, We just go there to help out. It’s the biggest cook off in New England and they always need help in the judging area. It is still a busy, busy day. We had 50 red cooks, and over 30 each for Verde and Salsa, plus a Youth Division. It’s a fun day, with lots of chili, vendors, other food, and entertainment. This year, they had clowns, a magician, and fire eaters. The organizers do a great job every year getting cooks and the public to support the charities. We had the four current International Chili Society World Champions at the cook off this year. I love doing it, but it takes a couple days to recover. I wouldn’t change it, though. I love our chili family. Next up for us is NH State in Hudson, NH on June 1. We will be cooking there.

Today, I am sitting at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH waiting for the BaldMan to get out of surgery. He’s having a partial knee replacement on his right knee. He couldn’t wait for this day to get here. He’s been in some pain for a while now. Hopefully, this will alleviate that , after a bit of recovery time, of course. 

;;;We had a sad night last night. Lily, the guinea pig we have been keeping for our grandson, died. It looks like just natural causes. We had Lily because our daughter is severely allergic, so Lily came to live with us. Stephanie has been taking very good care of her. The other guinea pig  in there, Molly, seems a bit frazzled without her buddy. Steph is going to take Will  with her when she gets another guinea pig to keep Molly company. I buried Miss Lily Pig in the yard, with a gray granite stone that I marked with “Lily Pig.” Seems funny, perhaps, that you could miss a guinea pig. Not quite as interactive as the dog or even the cats, but she was a cute little fuzzball, and it won’t be the same in the cage corner now.

The rest of the week should be pretty quiet. The BaldMan should come home tomorrow, but I’m sure he will be on limited mobility for a few days, at least. It looks like I am going to have to do some cooking. I’m sure everyone will survive. 

And, now, I think I need another cup of coffee. I’m probably here in the waiting area for another hour or so. *yawn*