There’s Definitely a Nip in the Air

Fall has fell, and it brought some chilly air with it. The BaldMan pulled the hibiscus into the mudroom because there was a chance of frost a few nights ago. I did some quick cleanup out front on Sunday, and brought in the side hose and sprinkler. There is more color in the trees now, … Continue reading There’s Definitely a Nip in the Air


Yes, I know I have been. And for no good reason, really. A few things going on, but nothing that ate up ALL the time. We had more snow. Yay, April, you keep on being the mysterious surprise package you always were! Spring flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. I am working up some garden … Continue reading MIA

This, That, and the Other Things

Another week is in the books. Seems like they are speeding by now that we are approaching the last months of the year. The holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving is next week here in the US, and that is the official start to the Christmas season, although Christmas has been evident in stores … Continue reading This, That, and the Other Things