One Down, Eleven To Go

January is almost over, with just a few days left. And then we go on into February which is my least favorite month of the year. February always seems so gloomy and unpleasant to me. Not that January was a pretty month, by far. There was a lot of gloomy weather this past month, for sure. But February always looms worse to me. It seems like a month that doesn’t know whether to be winter or spring, and so it just hovers there halfway between and miserable. At least it’s the shortest month.

In general, the year has started out okay. The BaldMan finished his radiation treatments, and decided to retire. He has a round of chemotherapy coming up but that won’t start for a week or so. He is plowing through the morass of Medicare plans and such which will hopefully get sorted soon. My reading has been going pretty well, with a couple books finished this month and that puts me right on track for this year’s list. The exercise and nutrition program is still working as I have lost a bit more weight. All in all, things are basically positive so far. Let’s hope it keeps up that way.

I also started the process of getting spousal benefits from Social Security. Holy heck, that’s a process! Couldn’t do it online as it kept saying some of my information didn’t match their records. Nevermind that I pulled that information FROM my account. Anyway, I called to get it sorted and waited on hold for about 40 minutes, and then talked to a very nice lady who asked a whole bunch of questions to get my account information, and then very nicely told me that I would have to get a call from a different department who would essentially ask me all those same questions and then be able to get things set up. Okay, yeah, it is a government agency so that means things are naturally unnecessarily complicated, but not much you can do. Fun part is they can’t call me until close to the end of February. It’s like they are trying to make things difficult. *sigh*

But other than the dumb stuff, things are pretty good. We went to dinner at a very nice place last night. I had a paella which, while it didn’t have the traditional crusty rice bottom, did have wonderful flavor. I brought enough home for a very nice lunch. We were going to go to the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center for a winter sky constellations program, but it was so overcast we decided to stay home. Too cloudy to see anything outside, and they said if it was clear, they would have the dome open so we could look through the telescopes but that wasn’t going to happen, either. They have things going on all the time, so I am sure we will get there at some point.

The last of the outdoor Christmas decorations are coming down now. They haven’t been lit in weeks, but I have to get out there and haul it all back into storage. I like having it all out there for the holidays, but the taking down is not a lot of fun.

So, another week to push into is upon us. I hope you have a good one!

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