Leaves, Everywhere!

It seems like overnight, all the trees have filled out with leaves. It’s good to see all the green out there. Even if something that is growing right now is wreaking havoc with my allergies.

It looks like most of what we planted last year is coming back nicely. A couple things I am not sure of yet, but they are also later summer blooming, so it may still be early for them. I am getting 50 little native perennials delivered this week. They are shade lovers so they will pretty much fill in the gardens we put in along the more shaded side of the house last year. I have a few smaller cultivars of monarda and echinacea coming at some point to go in the containers I put in front. I try to be careful with cultivars and make sure what I pick is still going to be good for pollinators. Not all of them are. We sacrifice the availability of pollen and nectar to bees and butterflies for the “pretty” plants. I think what I have chosen should be a good compromise. And that’s what this whole plan is going to be about- making a good balance of mostly native plants with some non-native (and non-invasive) things that we just like and want to have in the yard.

I need to get out in the gardens and take some pictures of the new growth this spring. I am trying to organize the few pictures I have from last year into a digital album, and add pictures going forward to document the process and progress.

On the *sigh* front, we are having the furnace replaced on Tuesday. It’s been an issue since we moved here. We’ve had so many service people out and each time, they think they found the problem, only to have it act up again a few weeks later. This time, it hasn’t come on more than once since last Tuesday. And I may be imagining that one time. Time to stop pouring money into the POS, and bite the bullet. It’s a pricey bullet, but no sense throwing good money after bad, right?

We finished up season 3 of Star Trek: Picard this week. Wow. I know there’s a lot of complaining and whinging going on, but I enjoyed it. Was it perfect? No, but nothing really is. I thought it was a good send off to the Enterprise-D and crew, and the Seven of Nine storyline was good. I could quibble here and there, but, eh, what I thought was less than perfect, someone else likely loved. And vice versa, so just gonna leave it at enjoyable. I am still mad they killed off Captain Shaw, though. I was just starting to like the dipshit from Chicago! LOL

Make it a good week, okay? Drink your water. Eat a vegetable. Get outside and refresh. Be nice to one another.

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