There’s Definitely a Nip in the Air

Fall has fell, and it brought some chilly air with it. The BaldMan pulled the hibiscus into the mudroom because there was a chance of frost a few nights ago. I did some quick cleanup out front on Sunday, and brought in the side hose and sprinkler. There is more color in the trees now, and most of the summer flowers have gone to seed. I will be picking and bringing in the habanada peppers this week. It is time to start tidying the gardens for winter, isn’t it?

Our trip to Myrtle Beach was fun. A lot of work, and long, tiring days, but fun. The Worlds Championship Chili Cook Off is always fun for us. And seeing some friends we haven’t seen in a while was good. The BaldMan’s ScoreKeep program was a success. Lots of people were impressed with it, and I think we will see more scorekeepers using it in the near future.

We came home to find the bird feeder pole bent and broken, and the suet feeder missing. There is only one thing I know of that can do that- a bear. Not that we’ve seen any or heard of any in the neighborhood, but unless the squirrels have taken up blow torches, I am not sure what else it could have been, especially with a feeder missing. It would likely have been the only one with food in it, since no one was here to fill the others. I pulled the pole out of the ground and picked up the fallen pieces and feeders. Nothing seems damaged except the broken pole, and we do have another since we were planning on putting up a second feeder station. I guess the feeders come down when we go away from now on.

The BaldMan’s mother is in hospital again. She fell on Friday night and couldn’t get herself up. His Dad can’t lift her anymore, so they (eventually) called us. We didn’t want to try to move her too much, since she did hit her head on a side table and we weren’t sure if there were any other injuries that could be made worse. We called 911. Thankfully, she seemed okay, but they advised going to the hospital just in case. She is 89, and a fall like that can be problematic. We got to their house around 10:30-ish, and were at the ER until after 4 AM, when they decided to admit her based on some elevated blood count levels. Turns out she has a cryptosporidium infection. It’s a parasite that you normally get from swimming in pond or lakes, or being in close contact with farm animals- things she definitely has not done. Weird. Anyway, they are treating it and she is doing better. Nothing but excitement around here, I tell you!

Otherwise, it was a slow, recovery sort of week. Back into the regular grind now! I hope your week is awesome.

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    1. We really would like to see them move out of their condo, but that ship sailed a long time ago, unfortunately. She’s fallen before, and everyone is afraid one of these times, it won’t be just inconvenient. But they are stubborn! Going home today, so at least that is good.


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