Wednesday Wanderings: Things from the Webverse

Lots of media related links today. Plus a pet related, and food- well, drink, actually:

It’s iced coffee season! I love iced coffee, but I hate waiting for hot coffee to cool enough to ice. So, I was very glad to find this post a couple years ago on cold brewing coffee.  I do make ours just a tad stronger than the recipe. We like stronger coffee.

For those with pets, this is a good dog food comparison site. I like it because it lists all the ingredients, and tells you which are good, bad, or not really either. You also know what stuff has the jury still out on whether it is good or not. The rankings can help you make a more informed decision on feeding your dog. And, some of the rankings are surprising. There are some pricey and well-hyped foods that don’t get great ratings. It helped me when I needed to find a less expensive, but still good for him, food for our dog:

On to the media-

For you 24 fans like me out there- Jack will be back! It seems we will see our favorite counter-terrorist agent in May of 2014. I am excited to squeedom at this!

And a trailer for the upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D- from the website: “ABC and Marvel Studios have released a 3-minute extended teaser for this fall’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show which details the characters, situation, and the threats they face in much more detail.”

So, go brew a glass of iced coffee, find a good dog food for your four-legged buddy, and anticipate some good action coming on TV. Ah, life is good!