Monday Musings: Rainy Days and Recuperating Knees

We’ve had some rain the last few days. which we needed. It’s nice to be able to turn off the irrigation in the garden for a couple of days. I did get the lettuces, and other greens that I had started indoors planted out there, plus some more seeds put in. The rain will be good for all of that. The peas are starting to climb the supports, and the romaine, kale, chard, and other things are growing. I may pick some baby greens for dinner tonight. We’ll see what the rest of the plan looks like.

Last Tuesday, the BaldMan had a partial knee replacement. The surgeon said it went very well. He came home on Wednesday. He was quite thirsty for a day or so. So far, just a bit uncomfortable, but that’s why they give you the good drugs, right? The nurse came to the house on Thursday, to check his blood because of the coumadin he is taking. She wasn’t happy with the way the leg looked below the incision, and called the doctor’s office. They had us come in, mostly because of his history with cellulitis. Don’t want to go through that again! But, the doctor said it was fine, and looked about like he expected for just a couple of days post-surgery. He did have an ultrasound done to make sure there were no blood clots, but that was fine, too. The physical therapist was here on Friday, putting him through his strengthening exercises. She was impressed with the range of motion he has already. He was at about 112 degrees, and they aim for 120. He’s walking around with crutches, but is getting around okay.  He’ll be back on the bicycle in no time!

One kind of funny thing with the surgery is his legs. He has been bow-legged since I’ve known him, but now, one leg is straight and the other is still bowed. Looks kind of odd of you are walking behind him.

We are starting to get quite the collection of ice packs and such. We now have two circulating ice machines, two gravity fed ones, and an ice pack. Need to keep a knee, shoulder, or something iced? I can probably hook you up!

My neck seems a bit better now that I’ve been on the muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory for a couple of weeks. Not completely better, because when they start to wear off, it hurts again. Seems less intense than before, which is good. And if I use it a lot- driving, working in the yard, or whatever, it gets worse. What I don’t like, is that I am not supposed to take any extra NSAID type drugs with this anti-inflammatory, and my knees miss the ibuprofen, especially with the rainy days.

I hope all the mother’s out there had a very happy Mother’s Day!