Monday Musings: Biking, Garden Pests, Pig Roast, and Yardwork

We bought TerraTrike recumbent tricycles last year. We rode pretty regularly, until the cold weather set in. With the BaldMan having his knee surgery in May, we haven’t been out on them yet this year. But I really need to get some exercise again, so I decided to pull mine out and ride the neighborhood streets. I did almost four miles the first time out, and almost five the second. I have to admit, the legs weren’t happy the second time, but I’m really not too sore. And it felt good to be out on the bike again. I like this bike. We refer to them as “lawn chairs on wheels,” and that’s pretty much what they are. They are comfortable, and far easier on my back than an upright bike would be. It’s good exercise, just like riding an upright bike, and does get the abs involved to some degree. Check them out here:

We got the Rover model.


It looks like we have some “friends” eating some of the stuff in the garden. I suspect it is the groundhog, and now there are two little ones. They are discriminating buggers, I will tell you. First time, they ate only peas and kale. And the kale was doing pretty well this year! Now, they’ve gotten to the broccoli, and some of the other greens. I’ve looked at the fence, and I can’t see any place where there is a breach. I may have to go out in the early evening and early morning to see what’s up. We have gotten some salad greens out of it. The arugula out there is so much better than the stuff you get in the store. I always heard that arugula has a peppery taste, but never thought I could taste that. With the stuff we grow, there is a definite peppery edge to it. Homegrown is the best!

On Saturday, we were in Southborough, MA for a pig roast. One of our chili family friends has a son going into Army basic training in a couple of weeks, and they did a send off party. They have done pig roasts before that we have gone to, and this was as much fun as any of them. Watching that whole pig turn  on the big spit, and seeing the beautiful brown color is such a great appetite stimulant, let me tell you! As is usual at these things, there was way too much food, and it was really good. The BaldMan made Pasta Siciliano, which has pasta (duh), olives, pine nuts, currants, pecorino romano, and olive oil. It’s really good, and can be served warm or room temperature. It’s delicious. I made maple bourbon bacon ice cream. It turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. The pig was excellent moist and tender. They took the remainder of the carcass, after most of the meat was pulled off, and put it in the smoker for a while. Whoa! That was really, really good! It was a good day, with good fun and good food.

Sunday was spent with yard work. I weeded the garden, and trimmed out the edges around the fence. I cleaned out the pond pump and got it enclosed in the net bag that filters off some of the algae and other stuff that can clog it. I trimmed out around the pond, and got a lot of the weedy stuff out of the Siberian iris. It looks much better. There is still more trimming to do, but we have rain coming in- again and it may get put off. I think I may be getting some iris and hosta splits from a couple of people, so that will be really good, since I have  spots I want to plant them. Always good to get stuff free!

For the next week, I would like to get more biking in, as well as more yard work. I hope the weather cooperates!