Wednesday Wanderings: 200 Calories, Crying Babies, Sleep Longer, Neptune’s New Moon, Long Running- and Dripping Experiment, and Wolverine: The Musical (Puppet)!

I firmly believe that it is not what you eat, but how you eat that really matters. Moderation is the key, not denying yourself favorite foods for “health” reasons. Still, this is an interesting series of photos showing what 200 calories worth of some different foods looks like: looks-like-in-different-foods/

Interesting article on babies, crying, and communication. I wonder if people who have trained dogs are more aware of the attempts at communication from babies? Because you have to be very aware of what the dog is trying to tell you without words, too:

Lots of interesting information in the last few years on sleep. I find it all interesting because I have battled insomnia for years. This one says that maybe those who think they are okay on 5 or 6 hours a night may be cheating themselves out of some sleep benefits:

A new moon for Neptune:

A neat article on a science experiment that has been going on for decades, with slow and infrequent results, that is still a fascinating discovery:

And, oh, heck, why not Wolverine: The Musical? Starring a puppet! Hey, if Spidey can do it….:

Wow! Found a lot of interest and amusement this week. The Internet is a fascinating place, isn’t it?