Monday Musings: Weather, Garden, Foster Cats, and the OldDog

The weather has been pretty darned unbearable lately. I really don’t like the humidity mixed with high heat. It is just so oppressive when you step out the door. Just standing makes you soggy. But I have to say that I agree with our daughter who posted on Facebook that she is tired of people complaining about people who complain about the weather. Hey, we all have our favorite times, and if someone would rather the winter cold and snow, well, that’s their mistake. <G> For myself, I don’t like freezing cold or high heat/humidity. I prefer moderate temps and low humidity. Everyone is different , and complaining about someone who does not like the same stuff you do is useless.

The weird thing is how long it has lasted. It’s been weeks of this weather. We’ve had rain, plenty of it, but it doesn’t change anything. I won’t start the global warming debate here, but you have to think about it.

The garden has loved all the rain, and it has meant that I haven’t needed to use the drip irrigation as much. And now that we are getting some sun, the tomatoes and cucumbers are taking off. The beans are really climbing the trellis supports, as well. The herb seeds are sprouting, and the lettuce and arugula in the kitchen is growing nicely. Just waiting- not so patiently!- for those first ripe tomatoes. Mmmmmm

I have to call the shelter about one of our fosters. The male, Winston, is losing weight and is not acting himself. I see him eating more than once during the day, so he is still getting some. Not sure what’s going on, but need to rule out a physical problem like a bad tooth or something. I know he does not like our other male cat, and that may be part of it, especially since Winston likes to sit near me, and Guinness is a huge cuddler and wants to sit with me, too. If that’s what it is, then it may be time to have the shelter start looking for a permanent home for him. I love him, but if he isn’t going to be happy here, he needs to find a place where he will be. First things first, though, so we’ll get him in for a check-up.

The heat has not been a friend to the OldDog, either. He does not want to stay inside, but when he’s out, he gets too hot and that is not good. We’ve compromised (I’m not sure how he feels about it, but he doesn’t have much choice!) on an hour out and an hour in when it is brutally hot. Of course, he always has water out there, and he can still get under the porch where it is always cooler. It’s not always fun getting him out of there, but that’s how it goes.

He has more trouble with the legs in this bad weather, too. He’s knuckling over on the one rear foot a lot. And falling. But he still comes with me when I’m out in the yard, and we’ve taken a few short walks which he still enjoys. I just worry. Can’t help it.

I do hope the weather breaks some as forecast this week. We could all use a little relief!