Monday Musings: Chili Doings, Baby Shower Prep, and Miscellaneous Thoughts

Saturday was the Massachusetts State Chili Cook Off. We didn’t cook this year, which was disappointing, as we really like this cook off, but circumstances just didn’t allow it. It was doubly disappointing, since this is almost certainly our last year cooking. We did go down to Winchendon and helped out in the judging area. It was a fun day. The chairman does a fabulous job of putting together not only the chili cook off, but craft vendors and lots of stuff for the kids. This year, they had a petting zoo, clowns, and several games and contests for the little ones to enjoy. The cook off benefits the Kiwanis children’s charities, and that is a very good cause.

After the cook off, we went to dinner with good friends. It was nice to sit, relax, talk, and enjoy good food and good company, after a busy day. What a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday!

On Sunday, Steph and I went to Krysta’s to help put together favors for the baby shower in August. She is officially due October 6, but she says she is aiming for September 29. We will see. She had cute little pink boxes to put pink and gold Lindt truffles into, and we tied them with pink and white ribbons. They turned out cute, even though none of us are experts at tying bows. It’s going to be fun shopping for little girl things!

I’m glad the weather turned better lately. As much as I like warm weather (and dislike cold!), the constant very hot and humid was getting tiring. It may be a bit chillier than August should be, but I can’t say I don’t enjoy it. It’s been nice and cool for sleeping. I even had to pull up the down comforter last night! And the days are sunny and warm, but not brutally hot, with good breezes. I could get used to this.

I almost can’t believe it is August already. It seems that Winter just ended, and Summer should not be winding down. But I guess the wheel turns as the wheel turns, and we will be enjoying autumn before too long. Where does the time go? “Time flies” doesn’t even seem to describe it anymore. More like “time goes by at warp speed.” If someone knows a way to slow it down, can you please share the secret with me?