Wednesday Wanderings: Google Maps Geeky Easter Egg, Island with Ancient Plant Life, and 50 Things You Should Know

Ah, Google maps! You have warmed the cockles of my geeky little heart (and all Dr. Who fans) with this one! Go to this link, hover on the little yellow pegman until you get switched to street view, and click on the double arrows in front of the police box:

How cool is that??

This is another one of those amazing things in nature. Socotra Island is part of a group of four islands that has been isolated from the rest of Africa for billions of years. These photos are just incredible. They look like something from a science fiction movie set:

This list of 50 things everyone should know how to do will equip you to handle most of the things you may run up against in living your every day life. It may not make you completely self-sufficient, but you will be on your way:

I can do most of them. I’m not comfortable with all of them, but I could, if needed.

That’s it for this week. I think I will go back inside the TARDIS now!