Monday Musings: Baby Shower, Getting Away, and Taking the Plunge

Today’s post is getting out here a bit later than usual, but we were out most of the day yesterday. I know- I could have written it earlier, but I didn’t. Better late than never, right? 🙂

Where were we? Well, our youngest daughter is pregnant for the second time. She and her husband have a delightful five year old, William, and this time, they are having little girl. Her name will be Bianca. We were at her baby shower yesterday. And, yes it was an all day affair. Her husband is Brazilian, and it seems they will take any excuse for a party. Not that I am complaining, mind you. There was good food (and plenty of it!), good drinks (lots of those, too), and good people, so it was a very nice time. The place they held it in was nice- there was plenty of outdoor space, including a playground, for the kids to run and have fun. As is often the case at these things, people brought far more food than necessary, but it was good and I don’t think anyone went away hungry. We left here a bit after noon, and didn’t get home until after ten. It was fun, and a nice change-up from a traditional baby shower as we are used to.

This upcoming weekend is the Maine chili cook off weekend. We have managed to get it back to a two day event this year. It was a two day for many years, but cook participation kind of fell off for a while, and the Saturday cook off was dropped. But we have a good, solid group of cooks now here in the Northeast, and we convinced the organizers to bring back the Saturday cook off, which will be the Joe Harvey Memorial, and Sunday will be Maine State. The Saturday cook off is named after the long-time Chief Judge of this cook off who passed away a few years ago. We are serving as Chief Judge and Scorekeeper, and so will not be cooking, but there will be a lot of really good cooks there. We are also doing the new Homestyle ICS competition both days. Saturday night will also be the Second Annual Maine State Cook’s Potluck Dinner. We tried that idea last year, since a lot of cooks stay at the same motel, which is in close walking distance from the cook off site for those not staying there. It was quite the success last year, so we are doing it again. We have such a great group of friends in our chili family, it was always a bit disappointing when everyone split up to go to different places to eat.

The cook offs are in Wells, Maine- a really lovely town right on the ocean. I like going to Wells. It is a good weekend away, spent with a lot of great people. If you are here in the area, and don’t have anything to do this weekend, come on up! The weather is supposed to be perfect, the beach is lovely, there are plenty of great restaurants to get some of that delicious New England seafood, and the chili will be outstanding. The cook offs benefit the Wells Chamber of Commerce. Come on up!

The other thing going on right now is that I have decided to take the plunge, and try out self-publishing. I’m putting together a collection of fantasy short stories. It is very close to ready. Just a bit of work on the last story, and figuring out cover art. I am getting help on that one, as I am not an artist of any sort, and would probably mess it up. I’m hoping it will be ready in the next week or so. I am going with for the converting to ebook formats and distribution. “Six of One” is coming to an ereader near you soon!

It is going to be a long week in some ways, but a truly wonderful one in others!